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Thank you to The Ansahs for the business and the video review!
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Locally owned and operated low voltage company that provides services such as home security, camera systems, home theater and many other services.
We pride ourselves on customer service and providing that
personal touch that is missing from so many companies today.
KMT Systems is Georgia’s leader for home security systems and business security systems in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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At KMT Systems, our mission statement provides a focus for our company, and it is the basis for how we do business. It guides the decisions we make, from the largest decisions of management to the smallest decisions regarding attention to detail when working with a client.

It is of vital importance that all employees of KMT Systems know and incorporate this mission into their daily actions at work. We feel strongly that, if we are true to this mission, each of us, as members of this company, as well as KMT Systems as a whole, will be exceptional!

Our mission statement is:

To carry on the tradition of integrity and quality service that was started in 2005 when KMT Systems was founded. We will always strive to employ the best people and provide the most efficient, cost-effective service and equipment, as well as offer the best warranties available to our customers. Customer Satisfaction will always be our number one goal.

Tommy Smith / Founder and CEO

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do things right the first time and won’t stop working until you’re totally happy.

Superior Customer experience

We make it a point to have friendly people take your call and resolve any issues that may come up promptly and professionally.

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Eddie from KMT was very professional! He called an hour before coming to let us know he would be at our home at 9am and was on time. After installing the system, he went over everything with us in its entirety so that we understood how the system worked. He was very polite and respected our home. Thank you Eddie.
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Regina Lloyd
15:12 18 Jul 20
Great experience, David helped explain everything thoroughly and was very clean when installing the equipment. I would highly recommend David and KMT to anyone looking to add security to their home.
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Kyle Mangum
15:00 17 Jul 20
Eddie was absolutely helpful, professional and informative. Very thankful for his help!
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Harold Banks
14:27 17 Jul 20
I am completely satisfied, both Carissa and Chad made me feel like I made the best decision by chosing KMT systems for my home security.
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Joanna Garner
00:03 17 Jul 20
Chad was our technician. He did an amazing job with installation and training us, awesome professional service.
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Vikram a
14:59 16 Jul 20
Eddie provided great service installing my new system. He was professional, polite and thorough. He took time to explain all aspects of the system and made sure I was able to correctly use the system before he left. I have had other alarm systems installed in my home before but none compared to quality of this service.
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Daria Miller
19:28 15 Jul 20
David did such a great job explaining everything and walking me through using my system. He was very patient especially since I had a very active 2 yr old running around trying to touch everything. He got the work done quicker than I expected. I now have peace of mind knowing I have a great security system in my home!
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19:24 15 Jul 20
My service technician David P. was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when he came to my home to install my new alarm system. He walked me through how to alarm, disarm, setup password, setup the echo dot as well as how to use the control panel. He didn't leave me with any unanswered questions and even went the extra mile to put batteries in my thermostat. I highly recommend KMT systems.
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Leslie Hunter
23:37 14 Jul 20
Chad Yes from KMT provided professional and excellent service during the installation and tutorial of our system. He truly is one of the best representatives a customer could ask to provide in home security service. Thank you DR Horton for providing a top notch contractor for your clients!
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Kathie Turke
18:20 11 Jul 20
Jules and David did an excellent job for me. Love the system and it's integration of security and home automation. I'm a customer in two locations, and KMT is a superior dealer.
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Mark Ledbetter
20:22 10 Jul 20
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Kim McCutcheon
16:38 10 Jul 20
I had a technician from KMT system who name is Chad is a great guy. He is very professional and friendly. Gave me a lot of advises and tips so that I can quickly understand how to use the smart home system for the first time. Definitely gonna recommend KMT for everyone.
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Duy Nguyen
14:27 08 Jul 20
Outstanding implementation experience with David Peterson in installing KMT / Security system. David was Very competent, capable and quality conscious. A rare experience.
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Charles Feyt
21:35 07 Jul 20
Chad was fast, efficient and professional. He was very knowledgeable and made sure that I understood how my system worked via website, panel and app. He was very respectful of my home as well. He took his shoes off before entering, cleaned up after his install and wore a mask at all times. I appreciate the attention to detail.
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Carrie Barrere
21:20 07 Jul 20
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Michael Kidd
17:54 07 Jul 20
Kevin was very helpful and professional, Kevin took his time to set up and explain all functions of the system. Keep on doing what you do Kevin and hopefully your company will recognize and reward you for your hard work and professionalism.
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one Luv9382
19:31 06 Jul 20
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R Lew, MSN, RN
21:26 02 Jul 20
The people at KMT have been very responsive through the entire process, the technician Kevin did a great job with the installation and teaching me how the system works, very good overall experience.
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Mauricio Buitrago
20:20 02 Jul 20
Installed KMT alarm System, very satisfued with the Services handled professionally by David Petersen. My home is smart now 🙂 ... also they throw Alexa and video door bell for free.
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Bambang Permadi
03:47 02 Jul 20
Eddie was pleasant, professional, & thorough during the setup of my security system.
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Nichole Simmons
05:06 28 Jun 20
David was very professional and answered all my questions throughly.
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Nikita Reed
18:40 27 Jun 20
Chad was absolutely wonderful! He explained everything thoroughly, showed me how to use everything. He was professional as well as personable! I wish he could handle all of my in-home installations.
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Jasmyne H.
15:00 27 Jun 20
Our technician David Petersen was professional and very knowledgeable about the system. He took his time explaining everything and answering all my questions.
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Kris Willaims
19:09 26 Jun 20
I gave a 4 star rating because I’ve only had the system installed for a couple hours so I can’t give a full 5 til I have some true experience with the system. However Eddie was phenomenal. He was very knowledgeable and patient with me. He gets a 5 star rating for service!
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Ericka M
15:01 26 Jun 20
Chad was very professional,honest and answered all my questions about our new Smart Home system. He was on time and quickly installed the new equipment. Thank you,Chad for patiently reviewing everything with us! Highly recommend!
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Ginger Lane
02:59 26 Jun 20
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Sandi Dickson
19:15 25 Jun 20
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Venecia Amezcua
14:48 24 Jun 20
We are not Tech people. The tech who arrived on time was great. He did not rush and spent all the time needed to show us the system and all the associated modes. I would highly recommend KHT.
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Daniel Nevill
10:28 24 Jun 20
Chad did an amazing job at installing our whole system, he also did a great job at explaining how everything works...made it easy for me! I highly recommend KMT for a provider and to have Chad be your installer.
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Daniela Risley
22:29 23 Jun 20
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Virginia Navarro
15:50 22 Jun 20
David was very helpful and professional
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JR sablock
14:43 22 Jun 20
After my bad review I need to apologize for 90 percent of it 🤷🏽‍♀️ Although the thermostat wasn’t working Jimmy walked me thru a quick fix and easy too. Apparently I was having internet issues is why my alarm and things were not working so I do apologize but I did want to thank Jimmy for calling me back a million times and help walking me thru the process! I am back to normal. 😊
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Tameeka Faumui
20:39 19 Jun 20
Jules Stone professionally handled the sale of this system. This is the third system I have bought from KMT. Jules timely returns your phone calls as well. David Peterson is excellent at installing these systems. He installed the prior systems I bought too. He answered all my questions. He was thorough and professional in every way possible. He worked 14 hours straight to install the most recent system.
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Richard Jones
09:45 18 Jun 20
Everything from my first call to installation was top notch! Carissa was very helpful in providing information and pricing for the different packages. Chad installed the home automation and security system and the process was smooth from start to finish. Chad is very knowledgeable and walked me through how to use the alarm app, the Echo Dot and the desktop version of the software. Very professional and well-run company!
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Donna O.
18:24 17 Jun 20
On time of the schedule appointment. David Petersen very professional and outstanding. David explained everything starting from the application, equipment’s that have been installed. Very detailed information for the usage of the security system that very helpful. I am pleased with his work and his help. Thank you.
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14:27 17 Jun 20
Chad was professional, courteous, patient and understanding. I will definitely recommend his services to friends and family!!!
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TT Love
15:33 16 Jun 20
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15:48 15 Jun 20
David was great for explaining all the features of the system! Great and professional!
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Jun Oh
16:38 13 Jun 20
David Petersen was very professional and knowledgeable. Was on time and answered all my questions
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Brian West
13:35 13 Jun 20
David Petersen was very professional and courteous. I would recommend KMT.
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Kina King
16:31 12 Jun 20
Excellent and professional service. My installer, David Petersen, was thorough with all explanations and made the set up process as simple as possible.
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Kelly Hughes
12:38 12 Jun 20
Chad is a genius when it comes to installation and teaching the use of the system. Thanks Chad. Good job.
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Dave Frank
18:03 11 Jun 20
David was great! super friendly, fast and professional. Thanks, ya'll!!
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Megan Misko
22:56 10 Jun 20
David helped us set up everything with great patience and experience. He is awesome!
google_avatar Home
Wei Zhou
17:00 10 Jun 20
David and Justin came out and installed our alarm system. They were very professional and patient and made sure we knew how to use all of our devices before leaving. They provided great service.
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M Dukes
20:45 08 Jun 20
Carissa with KMT Systems was a pleasure to work with. She made sure I had the items needed to feel safe and secure in my home. She scheduled the technician Chad who was equally a pleasure to work with. He made sure everything was functioning and showed me step by step how to work the system which was extremely user friendly. I would definitely recommend Carissa and Chad from KMT Systems to assist with your needs.
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Ann Leal
20:10 08 Jun 20
Davis Petersen from KMT Systems did a great job setting up our system. He explained everything well and took his time to show us how it all worked. The technology was current and easy to use.
google_avatar Home
Nick Wasche
18:47 06 Jun 20
Eddie was soooo overly helpful to me. Bobby and Bobby was also understanding of my issues. Eddie came and made sure I totally understood the KTM System. He took his time with me. Like show and tell. He made sure I knew the whole system before he left my home. I feel more secure now. Thank everyone for your help!Tiffany
google_avatar Home
Tiffany Robinson
16:16 06 Jun 20
David is excellent in his work. I explain everything that the system does in detail. I am satisfied with his work and his help. Thank you.
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Gustavo Enrique Urdaneta Maldonado
13:50 06 Jun 20
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Paulina Barraza
18:20 05 Jun 20