To Our Valued Customers, 

During this time of concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), KMT Systems would like to reassure our customers, employees, and communities that their safety and security remain our top priority, just as they have always been. 

We understand that our residential and commercial customers’ need for safety and security does not stop in times such as this, and we assure you that neither will our commitment. KMT Systems’ installation, service, troubleshooting, and customer service teams are ready to respond to any customer needs that may arise. 

Although our promise of excellence and dependability will not waiver during this concerning time, we have implemented safety measures to avoid disruptions to our business operations and are taking all possible precautions to ensure that each department is equipped to continue protecting our customers and their families around the clock. 

We have taken additional steps to communicate with and prepare our employees to ensure we keep each other and our customers safe. Steps we have taken include: 

• Informing employees of the importance of cleanliness and sanitation during this time to prevent the contraction or spreading of illnesses. We are also doing our very best to keep the entire company up-to-date with the latest information concerning the severity of COVID-19. 

• Providing additional supplies needed to minimize risks, including hand sanitizer and disinfectant. We have asked every employee to participate in the disinfection and sanitization of their areas to minimize the transmission of germs. 

• We have asked that employees be forthcoming with any information about any possible direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 and have encouraged them to stay home if they are not well or feel that they are at-risk. 

24/7 Monitoring & Customer Care 

We are happy to report that there have been no interruptions in the monitoring or dispatch services we provide to our customers. 

We have asked all employees who may be unwell or may have had possible contact with the virus to stay at home. Additional sanitary and disinfectant supplies have been provided for our employees and they are encouraged to use them as often as necessary. We are also utilizing online tools to continue meetings, conferences, and training. 

Sales, Service, Installation Teams 

Our Sales, Service, and Installation teams have been instructed to proceed in the safest manner concerning the COVID-19 virus. We have provided each employee and vehicle with cleaning materials, sanitizer, and disinfectant for use before and after each stop. 

We also ask that our customers who may be concerned about their health, have traveled outside of the US, are feeling unwell, or may have been exposed to COVID-19 to please call and reschedule their appointment. 

As more information is released, KMT Systems will continue to closely monitor and assess the safety of our customers and employees. We appreciate the continued support and promise to do our very best to ensure the confidence and comfort of our customers while keeping safety our top priority. Those around the world that are or have been affected by this virus are in our thoughts. 

KMT New Resideo’s Home Services

Whole-home-services KMT New Resideo’s Home Services

New whole-home services

A new portfolio of connected, whole-home monitoring solutions will be accessible through the Home app. Resideo’s new subscription services extend professional monitoring to other critical networks of the home, helping pros and homeowners use data already being produced to make the home work better and more efficiently.

“We’re giving the entire home a pulse to help both homeowners and the trade professionals save time and resources,” said Niccolo de Masi, chief innovation officer and president of Products & Solutions, Resideo. “For most people, their home is their largest financial investment – where they live with their loved ones and keep their most precious possessions. We are proud to bring this much-needed enhanced protection to the home.”

Whole-home services include:

  • Smart water management;
  • Energy services;
  • Indoor air quality services;
  • Critical appliance monitoring services; and
  • Security services.

New tools and services for professionals

A new digital experience can help Resideo’s network of 110,000 trade professionals — and their 1 million technicians — build business for the future, simplify operations and strengthen relationships with homeowners.

The Resideo Pro Portal offers a single destination for product information and support, and access to services and tools to promote and drive leads.

A new training and loyalty program, Resideo Pro PERKS, will launch in January 2020, enabling pros and distributors access to a tiered system of benefits: strategic partnerships with other Resideo pros, new marketing tools and new video courses.

Next-generation comfort platform

Resideo plans to develop its next-generation smart thermostat in partnership with professional contractors that will fully integrate with the Home app. In the plans are the launching of alpha and beta test programs with professionals in 2020.

“We have an enormous advantage to deliver whole-home monitoring because of our presence in 150 million homes and decades of experience,” Nefkens said. “Our professional network of suppliers, dealers, contractors and installers ensures the job is done right, that dedicated support is always within reach, and will lay the groundwork to bring the next era of the connected home to life.”


You know the Honeywell Home brand, but if you don’t know Resideo – you’re about to, and it’s going to make your maxresdefault WHAT'S NEW FOR HONEYWELL HOME USERS?smart home the simple one you’ve always wanted. After spending more than a century engineering reliable and quality products, we will continue to innovate under the Resideo brand, providing forward-looking, smarter, simpler, connected solutions that can make your home more efficient and secure.

Our mission is to offer a different choice in the industry and make it easier to upgrade to a smart home using Honeywell Home products from Resideo, and we believe…

  1. A smart home is more than novelty. It must protect, prevent and react to changes in conditions – both inside the house, such as aging appliances, and outside, such as extreme weather conditions;
  2. Smart home technology can help save you from costly water damage and insurance claims, not to mention, major headaches; and,

We look forward to showing you a lot more from Resideo, including the launch of our vision to deliver on this promise of a simple, supported smart home. Part of that vision will launch later this month: our new website will feature an improved user experience, interactive information about our solutions, and a seamless connection between future hardware, apps and services.

We know you face overwhelming choices when designing a smart home or installing the latest technology. And we look forward to showing you additional Honeywell Home solutions now powered by Resideo to help simply your smart home.



The latest Cheddar @ Home episode details how to buy and sell a home with smart home products

When it comes to buying a new home, house hunters are  inundated with decisions. The typical choices – such as the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, or the style of the home – are still on people’s minds. And these days, another popular topic for first-time homebuyers is a home’s ability to easily incorporate smart home products.

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For sellers, they too have choices about smart home products: they can either bring those smart home devices with SELL-Smart-Home-KMT-300x157 THE DOS AND DON'TS ABOUT BUYING AND SELLING SMARTthem, or leave them in the home to increase the value of their home. Cheddar @ Home recently spoke with Lourdes Pena, a real estate agent with Redfin, about the latest home-buying trends. Pena advises her sellers to leave some of those smart devices in the home.

For example, if something is mounted to the wall or ceiling – like a flat-panel TV or a smart thermostat, or a sound system, the sellers will likely leave that. Home owners may want to bring their wireless cameras or appliances to their next home, so it’s best to check with your agent to be sure.

Pena also shared a few other home-buying tips, including:
1. Location. Consider where you want to buy. Should it be in a good school district? Do you want an easy commute?  How about a nice “walking score?”
2. Finances. You’ll want to know what you can afford before you start your search. Pena also recommends to get pre-approved for a loan before you start searching so your dream home doesn’t get snatched up before you can put the money down.

3. Build the team. Get recommendations from family or friends about a good real estate agent and a mortgage lender.

For those sellers looking to upgrade before they list their home on the market, here are a few ways to connect and control your home and make it more comfortable and secure. And, best of luck to those new home buyers as the Spring market heats up!

Amazing Smart Home Combos That Will Make Your Life Easier

Amazing Smart Home Combos That Will Make Your Life Easier

Research shows that buying a connected thermostat is often the “gateway” into purchasing other smart-home products…most often resulting in the purchase of a smart speaker, like the Echo Dot. So why not take a dive and get them both at the same? Afterall, research shows that a single smart home device isn’t enough for about 1 in 6 households.

The integration of the Echo with the thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home with a simple voice command. It’s as easy as, “Alexa, set the temperature to 72.” The duo can help you stay comfortable and better manage your energy usage during the hot summer months. When you’re leaving the house for the day, you can ask Alexa to turn up your A/C as you rush out the door to work or to drop your kids off at summer camp.

Best Buy’s bundle deal works with all Honeywell Home Wi-Fi thermostats, at a range of price points and features. All five have Smart Response technology, which provides “just right” temperatures by identifying your preferred heating and cooling cycles. Each one also integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere.

Take a look, and choose the one that best fits you.

NEW Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat with Smart Room Sensor

Get precise temperature control with the Smart Room Sensor – it can monitor and help regulate temperature and humidity levels room by room, based on occupancy or a specific schedule that you choose.

NEW Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat

The T9 uses geofencing technology to help automate your home’s temperature controls. It has an interactive, high-quality display with easy-to-navigate menus.

Honeywell Home T5+ Smart Programmable Touch-Screen Wi-Fi Thermostat

In addition to Smart Response, the T5+ also automatically changes from heat to cool to provide maximum comfort. Built in smart alerts send push notifications to remind you to change your filter or warn of extreme outdoor temperatures. Geofence technology uses your smartphone’s location to adjust the temperature when you’re away and when you return.

Honeywell Home Smart Color Thermostat with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Built for comfort AND design aesthetics, this thermostat features a large, customizable color touchscreen display that allows you to create a unique look to match or accent your homes décor.

Honeywell Home – 7 Day Programmable Thermostat with Wi-Fi Capability

Large, easy to read display with 7-day programming and up to 4 program periods per day. Clock keeps working during power failures and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.

So, if you were ever thinking about jumping into the smart home game, take advantage of Best Buy’s bundle offer, and let the smart thermostat and Echo Dot be your gateway. Soon you’ll be hooked and may even want to reap the benefits of a whole-home monitoring solution, controlling everything from your door locks, to your office lamp with the swipe of a finger.

Goodbye smart home novice; hello envy of the neighborhood.