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Insurance Discounts for Home Security Systems

At a recent network meeting, I was talking to an insurance agent.  In our conversation, she reminded me why insurance agents give discounts to home owners who have a home security system. Insurance Is About Calculated Risks Insurance companies calculated risks.  Home...

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Tax Refund Fraud

Tax Refund Fraud…Its tax season again.  We worry about “the tax man.”  In today’s world, we also must worry about a new tax danger, Tax Refund Fraud.  Let me share with you some thoughts about Tax Refund Fraud from several articles on the Tax Refund Fraud.  Learn the...

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What To Do About the HeartBleed Bug?

By now you have probably hear about the Heartbleed bug that may have compromised your online identity. You may have even been contacted by online services like Google, Yahoo, or governmental bodies explaining any affects Heartbleed has on their systems. In a nut...

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A Home Burglary Every 15 Seconds

A Home Burglary Every 15 Seconds…Let me share with you just one important statistic from the FBI.  There is a home burglary every 15 seconds in the United States.  The FBI defines a home burglary as “Unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft”.  More...

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Summer Vacations–Summer Home Security Tips

Summer Vacations—Summer Security Tips. Summer time is a favorite time for family vacations.  It’s a time to build family memories.  The bad guys also know summer time is when families will be away from their homes.  You probably have a check list of items for planning...

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Summer Children Safety Tips

Summer Children Safety Tips…This is the last in my series of blog posts on ways to make your home safe and secure for the summer months.  In previous posts, I have written about. Summer Burglar Prevention Summer Windows and Doors   Summer Key Hiding Summer Vacations ...

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