Experts Forecast Security Industry Success in 2018

Experts Forecast Security Industry Success in 2018

After an economic downturn and slow-but-steady recovery, the tide seems to have turned for the residential and business security industry. After significant revenue growth in 2017, experts predict that the industry will continue to flourish in the coming year. This is partially due to an increase in new home builds and the growing popularity of cloud-based services, among other factors.

Cover-SDM-January-2018-144x192 Experts Forecast Security Industry Success in 2018

In a recent article in SDM, featuring KMT Systems’ owner and president Tommy Smith, the booming economy was touted as the main driver of the growth in the security industry. Specifically, Smith cited the growth in home builds as one key reason for KMT Systems’ success.

“In Atlanta, the new construction market is back almost as strong as it was pre-2008,” he said, noting that KMT Systems prewired 1,800 homes for eight different builders in 2017.

An increase in crime, contributed with consumers’ willingness to proactively invest in security systems to protect their homes, is also expected to be a factor in continued security industry growth. This is especially true in urban areas with high or increasing crime rates, as well as high-end residential areas and customers with disposable incomes.

In terms of specific security products, industry insiders expect video surveillance to drive growth in 2018, with monitoring also playing a key role. Both monitored and standalone cameras are likely to be popular in the coming year.

Cloud-based services will likely be popular and contribute to security industry growth in 2018 and beyond. These products all fit under the umbrella of “security as a service,” a package offering that provides ease and simplicity to customers while increasing company revenues.

Is there a downside to this sunny forecast for the security industry? Just one: a potential lack of skilled workers. KMT Systems is currently hiring an installer/technician – click here to learn more and apply.

If you’re looking to better protect your Atlanta home or business through affordable home security monitoring, give KMT Systems a call today.

Winter Security Outside Your Atlanta Home

Winter Security Outside Your Atlanta Home

Winter Security Outside Your Atlanta Home

We spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months. You might guess that we don’t need to worry about home security. Guess again. Home burglaries occurs just as often in the winter months. Winter increases a number of safety issues.

In my last post I gave suggestions on how to keep the inside of your home safe and secure during the winter months. In this post, I will offer additional suggestions on keeping the outside of your home safe and secure during the winter months.

Sidewalks can be slippery with ice and snow. Eliminate this risk by cleaning the walkways, or adding salt and sand.

No body home! There is another reason for keeping your sidewalks and driveways clean of snow. It lets would be burglars know that someone is at home. Accumulated snow on walkways and driveways provide an open invitation that no one is home.

If you do receive substantial snow, many home owners blow the snow against their homes. Over the course of a cold winter this can provide a ramp to windows that provides a better access for the bad guys.

With longer cold spells you can have ice build up in your gutters. This can cause extensive damage to the inside of your home when it melts down the inside walls.

Burglars love to see trash with boxes in their weekly trash pickup that have indicated the home owner has just gotten a new TV or IPad or other products. Bag all trash in opaque bags so you are not advertising your latest purchases.

Winter means less daylight and more darkness. Outdoor lighting becomes even more critical in preventing home burglaries. Check your outdoor lighting and motion detection equipment to make sure they are working properly and the cold had not hindered their functioning.

Should you get snow that needs shoveling, be careful about the extra exertion needed to get the shoveling done. Back conditions and heart attacks are frequent with snow removal. Use a snow blower with care.

Check your garage security doors that may have not been closed properly because of ice and snow.

While technically not on the outside of your home, make sure your car has been winterized. A stalled car can put you and your family members at risk.

Review the above list of outside safety and security measures to make your home safe and secure for the winter months.

Atlanta National Night Out

Atlanta National Night Out

Atlanta National Night Out

Tuesday, August 4th is National Night Out in Atlanta. In light of all of the police events that have occurred in our country over the past year, National Night Out takes on even greater significance. National Night Out is a night when local communities enhance partnerships with local police departments and neighborhoods to make our communities a safer place to live and work.

Members from the Atlanta Police Department including command staff, patrol officers, the Crime Prevention Unit and more will attend several events throughout the city. Those events include community block parties, back-to-school jamborees, ice cream socials, and neighborhood meet and greet.

All Atlanta National Night Out activities are free, family-friendly and promote community pride and safety. More than 37 million people across the country expected to participate in National Night Out activities. For more information about the 32nd anniversary of National Night Out, visit or call 1-800-NITE OUT.  Click here for a complete list of Atlanta National Night Out events.

Protection Concepts provides home and commercial security systems. We recognize that neighborhoods and local police departments play an essential role in making our world a safer place. Protection Concepts is a strong supporter of National Night Out Atlanta.

We invite you to participate in one of the many Atlanta neighborhood National Night Out events on Tuesday, August 4th. It is another way you can make your home and neighborhood a safer place

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

The first Monday in September is the celebration of Labor Day.  Since labor is so much a part of Protection Concepts business, we take a moment of reflection from our days of work to celebrate the beauty and professionalism of our work force.  As we celebrate this holiday halfway between the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, I share with you a brief history of this important federal holiday.  Enjoy the day with your family as you rest from your labor.

Are You Ready for the AT&T 2G Sunset?

Are You Ready for the AT&T 2G Sunset?

All 2G Towers Will Be Down by December 31, 2016

In August 2012, AT&T announced that the shutdown of its second-generation (2G) wireless network will be complete by the end of 2016 and that on January 1, 2017, the 2G wireless network will cease to exist.

Why is AT&T shutting down the 2G network? Simply put, because data use on wireless networks is increasing as more and more people adopt smartphones. AT&T realizes that shutting down the old network and using that space for 3G and 4G networks will drastically increase data capacity and speed on the newer networks.

So how does this affect your alarm system? All wireless alarm systems communicate via cellular networks. Many wireless alarm systems were installed with a 2G compatible GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) device that can only communicate via the 2G wireless network. Therefore, when the network ceases to exist on January 1, 2017, these alarm systems will no longer be able to communicate alarm signals.

Protection Concepts continues to take a proactive approach to ensure all our affected customers are updated, but time is running out. Most customers have converted to 4G and will not experience any alarm communication issues. If you have not yet updated your system, please contact us immediately to discuss the next step in making sure your alarm system will be protected.